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Deadpool The Movie

deadpool movie

Thanks to the success of Wolverine, just as i had hoped. Deadpool is officially getting a spinoff movie. Not only that but there is also a second Wolverine movie in the works. Which will be the Japan story line. If you went and saw It this weekend you would know that After the credits you would see one of two endings. A Deadpool or Wolverine one hinting about the new films.

Although Wolverine didn’t meet my expectations. Both these movies have a chance to be really good. Lets hope they make them right.

deadpool the movie


X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Movie Review


The leak of this movie came out a few weeks ago, but I chose to not view it and wait to see it in the theaters. If you have read my other blog posts about this movie, you know I am a pretty big fan of X-men. So I was really looking forward to this film.

Wolverine takes place before the 3 X-Men films hence the title Origins. Probably one of the biggest disappointments of the movie takes place in the opening credits. Instead of doing a really interesting story about James (aka Logan or Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman) and Victor Creed (aka Sabertooth, played by Liev Schreiber) growing up and living through all the different wars. They skip through it so fast. It was pretty much just a montage for 4 mins. Why not rather do a strong half hour and go into this. Instead they jump into Weapon X story right away which wasn’t even done that great. But the best part of this was Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds). The Jokes were fantastic and his action scene was one of the best in the film. Sadly this is really all we get of Wade.

The other Weapon X members I could care less about and i think the writers didn’t like them either. Cause [Spoiler warning] they pretty much kill them off so fast that it didn’t really matter that they were in the film. Blob was dumb cause he had a eating distorter instead of it being his mutant ability. Wraith who is a Nightcrawler rip off didn’t really have much worth. Dominic Monaghan’s character Bolt could have been interesting but is literally “short lived”. Last but not least, Agent Zero was alright, I didn’t hate or like him.

After wolverine leaves the team the film fall into a little bit of a lull. We have his romantic storyline with Silver Fox (Lynn Collins)  which was alright. A fight scene with Wolverine and Victor which wasn’t bad, although i really didn’t like how Sabertooth “ran”. It was Animal like and kinda looked like he floated and never actually touched the ground. Didn’t work for me.

I thought once Wolverine got his adamantium claws things would get better. But they didn’t. The Claws were done with REALLY BAD computer animation. A scene where wolverine is looking at his claws in the bathroom was laughable (in a bad way). Sloppy effort.

Lets move on to Gambit (Taylor Kitsch). A fan favorite that people have been wanting for a long time. It seemed like the writers knew this and just kinda threw him late in the film. Gambit was really cool and it would have been nice to have more of him. Sadly if there ever was a new current x-men film… Gambit would be about 50 years old cause this takes place in the 70-80’s… So unless we get another origins movie. this might be the last of him.

Going in, I kinda knew that Deadpool was going to be different. So I prepared myself for that. As i talked about before Wade was awesome. But at the end of the movie where they turn him into Deadpool, it made me sad that this is how they are choosing to make him. Having him have the powers of half a dozen mutants. One including cyclops (who had no business being in this film). The positive to take out of this was the fight scene was pretty cool. The after credits ending that I saw was “Deadpool lives” and made me happy for a spinoff if they ever do one.

The Good:
– They did wolverine’s hair right for once
– Some solid fight scenes (not all, but some)
– Finally got Gambit into a film
– Wade was awesome (Deadpool… not so much)

The Bad:

– WAY too many Mutant cameos
– Blob has an eating distorter…
– A weak uneven story
– Computer animated claws

Overall, like X-men: The Last Stand, this movie’s biggest downfall was that it had too many mutants. It would have been much better if it focused on just Wolverine and Sabertooth. But it did have some good action scenes so fans of X-men should see it for that and for Ryan Reynolds as Wade.

The film made $87 Million this weekend. which was pretty close to what i predicted it would do. Looks like we might see more X-men after all.



May Movie Madness

may movies

May kicks off Summer Movie season. With the X-men prequel Wolverine on May 1st. The reboot of Star Trek on May 8th. The Da Vinci Code follow-up Angels & Demons on May 15th. The Terminator is back on May 21 along with the sequel to Night at the Museum on the 22nd. Then finally Disney Pixar’s UP on May 29th.

Which of these Blockbusters are you most excited to see?

But who will win the may 2009 opening weekend Box Office?
My predictions:

Wolverine – $84 Million
Star Trek – $71 Million
Angels & Demons – $62 Million
Terminator Salvation – $79 Million
Night at the Museum 2 – $29 Million
Up – $58 Million


Go See Wolverine


This Friday, X-men Origins: Wolverine comes out in theaters. Although the movie was leaked on the internet a few weeks ago, I am urging everyone to go see it.

I have not seen the bootleg copy or have any clue if the movie is good or not. I DO KNOW that there are a few things that will disappoint me, such as what they did to Deadpool (you can read my Blog about it here). And this disappointment is what lead me to this tell you to go see it. confused?

Fox has said if Wolverine does well, they will make a Deadpool movie. Which would be awesome! They have also said that not only will they consider doing Deadpool, but a Gambit and Magneto film as well. So if there was anytime to go see a movie, This is it. Even if Wolverine isn’t everything we are hoping its going to be, there is a chance that they could do these other films justice.

Last weekend the Fatal Attraction rip off Obsessed starring Beyonce made almost 30 million at the box office. So if people are willing to sit through that crapfest, they must be willing to see Wolverine right?

Opening Weekend Box Office:
X-men – $54 Million
X2: X-men United – $85 Million
X-men: The Last Stand – $102 Million

You would think if this pattern continues Wolverine could make around $120 Million, right? Maybe not. With the leak who knows how many have people have seen it and would be willing to again.

If Wolverine can at least make $60-70 million opening weekend, i would say that would be a success. Any less and it might not be worth it for Fox to make more of these films. So this weekend, grab your friends and go see it, maybe if you have nothing up… go see it again, as Fox has also said that there will be alternate endings (obviously to help counteract the leak).

Plus with Star Trek coming out the weekend after… this might be the only weekend to show your support. So do me this favor. ok?

UPDATE: The Bad and Ugly has some news on the Alternate Endings. [Spoiler Warning]

There are 3 after credit endings… depending on what theater you see it at.
1. Wolverine in Japan (setting up for another wolverine movie maybe?)
2. Weapon XI lives (Deadpool is Alive! Booyeah!)
3. Striker’s s trance is interrupted (What the heck is this?)


X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Is That Deadpool???


May 1st cant come soon enough as I am a huge x-men fan. I have been waiting for the wolverine movie to come out for quite some time now.

One thing that made me very excited for the movie was that my favorite character in the marvel universe was going to be in the film. Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds. Now normally I wouldn’t be writing about this, but the new trailer for the flick came out and made me kinda nervous.


First of all Ryan Reynolds isn’t wearing a mask… which would be like seeing Spiderman without a mask, just doesn’t seem right. Also Wade Wilson (Deadpool’s real name) has no scars. But i took a deep breath and realized this is a Origins story, maybe all this happens later in the film. right?


Then later on in the trailer… we see the crazy looking guy (with scars!) wheedling these swords coming out of his hands. Could this be Deadpool? Odd that the swords are coming out of his hands like Wolverines claws…


THEN… We see this same unknown guy shooting lazers out of his eyes like cyclops… ummm… WTF?! So this cant be Deadpool. He never had that power.


All this made me wonder. So i did a search. On they have a character named Weapon XI. So this must be our mystery man and not Deapool cause he is even played by a different actor!…

I did a little bit more searching and found a leaked picture from the toy line for the movie.
This finally sealed it. The Crazy Sword/Lazer guy is in fact Deadpool… Take a look:

leaked deadpool toy

But WHY!? Why mess with Deadpool and do this? I don’t get it.
Later on imdb i saw this:

“In the comics there is no actual character known as Weapon XI (Weapon X for those who don’t know is Wolverine). As for this character, apparently the makers of the movie took creative licenses with Deadpool/Wade Wilson’s character where seems that Wade Wilson (played by Ryan Reynolds) is the merc with a mouth but he’s presented with no actual scars or the Deadpool replica costume known in the comics. During the movie Wade Wilson will undergo some changes in a procedure by William Stryker turning him to a silent killing machine implanting blades in his forearms and that’s when you witness his form being scared and disfigured being the character Weapon XI (played by Scott Adkins). It was revealed in a thread form Scott Adkins’ fansite that he will have the last fight against Wolverine in the movie and that’s what we caught a glimpse off in the official trailer where we witness Weapon XI doing a flying spinning kick in the face of Wolverine with blades appearing out from his forearms.”

Now hopefully they don’t screw this up. Somehow i hope all these powers get taken away in the end and Deadpool turns “good”, puts on the mask, and becomes my favorite super hero… But right now, this seems very sketchy. My only hope was that there have been talks of a Deadpool Movie spin off… so that would make me happy if all else fails.

Looks like we will find out if all this is true on May 1st.

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