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Greg Neufeld – The Music – Album Review

Greg Neufeld – The Music

Fans of the television program Canadian Idol will know who Greg Neufeld is. Go back to season 5, Greg who had never been in the “bottom 3” on the show that season shockingly found himself there next to his friend Brian Melo (Winner of Season 5) and Carly Rae Jepsen (Finished 3rd). All 3 were considered to be the best of bunch. Sadly one had to go home and Greg found himself on the chopping block. Many believed there was an error in the voting system or some sort of mistake. But there was nothing that could be done about it as he finished 7th.

Well now Greg is back with a new CD called “The Music“. After many years of performing with his band Dimarco (who had opened for many bands like Stabilo, Default, Hedley, and Matthew Good) Greg decided to go solo. You can feel Greg’s influences in his album such as John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Dave Matthews. But yet Greg finds his own sound. Where some tracks have the strong acoustic feel where others have a fun pop rock sound.

For his debut album Greg does a excellent job of delivering catchy well written songs that are sure to please fans of this genre.

If you dont know who Greg is, now would be a good time to check him out.
Buy Greg Neufeld’s CD
now or visit his myspace or official website.


Top 3 songs:

1. Powerless
2. Leaving Song
3. Counterfeit


The House That Fire Built

One of my favorite bands is doing something pretty cool for 2009. Instead of releasing a full new album, every month this year Mae will have a new song available for download. And apparently all the money is going to charity. So i thought i would help spread the word and put this on here. For January the song that they have released is called The House That Fire Built. It is one of the better Mae songs i have heard in a while and is definitely worth a download.

You can get the song by going to

Its all by donation so you can pay as much as you like. I wish more bands were like this and would released songs this way. I would rather give my money to help somebody then to some evil record company. Nice work Mae, you have my support.


William Fitzsimmons – The Sparrow and the Crow – Album Review

William Fitzsimmons  РThe Sparrow and the Crow

William Fitzsimmons may not be known to many people but i hopefully this new album will change that. Following up from his two previous releases; Goodnight, and Until When We Are Ghosts. The Sparrow and the Crow proves to be his best effort yet.

Have you ever had a friend who has had their heart broken and just wont stop talking about it. It can get tiresome and depressing. Some of the songs on his previous albums felt like that. Luckily William’s voice is so soothing and calm that you cant help but like him. Sparrow* doesn’t change his on going theme, but the songs feel more even and easier to listen to. The tone is slightly happier and you can tell his view on love and sorrow is on the mend. In no way am i saying that his other albums are bad. In fact there are some songs that are truly amazing and worth looking into. But this Album blows the other two away. It starts with a new version of Afterall called After Afterall which is far more beautiful then the original, i only wish it was longer. The song Goodmorning seems to serve as almost a motivational tune to anyone looking for that special someone as he repeats over and over “you will find love”.

I am becoming a big fan the more and more I listen to him. If you enjoy acoustic music, William Fitzsimmons ranks up there with Joshua Radin and Iron & Wine.


Top 3 songs:

1. Just Not Each Other
2. We Feel Alone
3. If You Would Come Back Home

[If you enjoy this, check out the song Rosi Golan – Hazy feat. WIlliam Fitzsimmons]

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