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Where The Wild Things Are – Trailer

This was one of my favorite books as a kid.

…And this looks like it could be one of my favorite movies of this year. I cant wait.
Check it out the trailer for the film directed by Spike Jones.

Where The Wild Things Are Trailer



X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Is That Deadpool???


May 1st cant come soon enough as I am a huge x-men fan. I have been waiting for the wolverine movie to come out for quite some time now.

One thing that made me very excited for the movie was that my favorite character in the marvel universe was going to be in the film. Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds. Now normally I wouldn’t be writing about this, but the new trailer for the flick came out and made me kinda nervous.


First of all Ryan Reynolds isn’t wearing a mask… which would be like seeing Spiderman without a mask, just doesn’t seem right. Also Wade Wilson (Deadpool’s real name) has no scars. But i took a deep breath and realized this is a Origins story, maybe all this happens later in the film. right?


Then later on in the trailer… we see the crazy looking guy (with scars!) wheedling these swords coming out of his hands. Could this be Deadpool? Odd that the swords are coming out of his hands like Wolverines claws…


THEN… We see this same unknown guy shooting lazers out of his eyes like cyclops… ummm… WTF?! So this cant be Deadpool. He never had that power.


All this made me wonder. So i did a search. On they have a character named Weapon XI. So this must be our mystery man and not Deapool cause he is even played by a different actor!…

I did a little bit more searching and found a leaked picture from the toy line for the movie.
This finally sealed it. The Crazy Sword/Lazer guy is in fact Deadpool… Take a look:

leaked deadpool toy

But WHY!? Why mess with Deadpool and do this? I don’t get it.
Later on imdb i saw this:

“In the comics there is no actual character known as Weapon XI (Weapon X for those who don’t know is Wolverine). As for this character, apparently the makers of the movie took creative licenses with Deadpool/Wade Wilson’s character where seems that Wade Wilson (played by Ryan Reynolds) is the merc with a mouth but he’s presented with no actual scars or the Deadpool replica costume known in the comics. During the movie Wade Wilson will undergo some changes in a procedure by William Stryker turning him to a silent killing machine implanting blades in his forearms and that’s when you witness his form being scared and disfigured being the character Weapon XI (played by Scott Adkins). It was revealed in a thread form Scott Adkins’ fansite that he will have the last fight against Wolverine in the movie and that’s what we caught a glimpse off in the official trailer where we witness Weapon XI doing a flying spinning kick in the face of Wolverine with blades appearing out from his forearms.”

Now hopefully they don’t screw this up. Somehow i hope all these powers get taken away in the end and Deadpool turns “good”, puts on the mask, and becomes my favorite super hero… But right now, this seems very sketchy. My only hope was that there have been talks of a Deadpool Movie spin off… so that would make me happy if all else fails.

Looks like we will find out if all this is true on May 1st.


Watchmen – Movie Review


I believe there are 3 types of people who are going to see Watchmen:
A) Hardcore fans of the graphic novel.
B) People who have read the novel and are fans of super hero movies.
C) People who have not read it but enjoy super hero flicks.

Problem with Watchmen is group A is going to rip the film apart but in the end enjoy it. Group C will like the film for its visuals but might not “get it” or care. Because of all the characters and the complex story line it might be too hard for the casual viewer to watch. I think the people who will like the film the most are group B. I am in group B and i loved watchmen.

I have read the graphic novel and comparing it to the movie i was very impressed. Some of the shots seemed like they were taken straight off the page. Even the dialogue seemed very close to what was written. As a super hero movie fan i thought the film was also unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Its dark. But entertaining and complex. Each character has their own story within the man plot where we are able to get to know them, their back story, and care about what happens to them.

One thing that I was worried about going in was the ending change from the novel to the movie. Group A people may not like it. But i thought it was fine. It worked well and almost made more sense. Where the final outcome of the story wasn’t changed the graphic novel version might have been more shocking. But i think for the group C audience they will like the movie version better.

Rorschach – He steals the movie. Every time he is on screen are the best moments of the film. He is the the ultimate bad Good guy. Rorschach plays more of a role of a detective in the film rather then a super hero. His negative view on life and the city where he lives is strangely entertaining as we get his thoughts expressed through his journal. He has many layers as you can feel his hatred for everyone around him but yet also he cares so much. Rorschach could hold the movie alone if he had to, but luckily he compliments the characters around him making the film even better.

The Music – This could have been a near perfect film but the soundtrack was just horrible. I am not talking about the Score of the film (which was actually really good). But the Music choices for certain scenes felt wrong and out of place. I understand they were trying to get the feel of what year we were in, but it was unnecessary. Songs like “I’m your boogie man” by KC & The Sunshine Band seems to get played in every movie set in the 70’s and i am sick of it. And having Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah playing during the sex scene felt uncomfortable and almost humorous. Ending the film with My Chemical Romance was also disappointing. That is not what i want to hear when i am walking out of the theater.

In the end, if you can get past the music and the running time of over 2 and a half hours, You will enjoy Watchmen a great deal. It is visually stunning and well acted. I am looking forward to seeing it again, maybe this time in IMAX.



New Terminator Salvation Trailer

This could be one of the best trailers i have ever seen.
I am not a big Terminator fan. Out of the 3 movies, I only liked T2, and i’m not very fond of the tv show… But after watching this trailer i am officially pumped to see this movie! Check it out.

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