Outlander – Movie Review (Blu-Ray)

When i first saw the trailer for this film i thought to myself, “this is a must see”. I awaited its arrival in theaters only to find that it was in limited release and not playing in my area. Yesterday Outlander finally made its way on to DVD and Blu-Ray (in Canada) and it was worth the wait.


This is NOT the “BEST. MOVIE. EVER.” claimed Tom Long, Detroit News. But it could be one of the best B Movies ever. There is a reason why this movie didn’t make it to the main stream is because it has that strong B movie feel to it… And that is due to the uneven directing. At time this movie looks amazing and others it seems very cheesy. If this had been put in better hands this might have been able to reach Blockbuster status.

The characters are decent enough to care about and the story is actually very fun. The first half of the movie is kinda hard to get into but the last hour is solid. One reason why i liked this film is that its something original. Who would have ever thought to combine Vikings and Aliens? Surprisingly it works very well together. The Alien takes on more of a “dragon” role, or “beast” they have to defeat. So putting this concept together isn’t that absurd.

outlanderI have always found Jim Caviezel the type of actor that is very enjoyable to watch. He is easy to connect to in almost every film he does. As an action hero he does a decent job and i would be happy to see him in more roles like this. The creature that he fights is also very cool. They spent a lot of time making the Alien look good visually and i really appreciate that. Often in movies like this the computer animation sucks and really takes you out of the film, This is not the case here.

In the end. Outlander is a cool film despite its average directing. It looks good a lot of the time. If you have an open mind towards this film, you will enjoy the ride.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

If you liked Outlander, check out Brotherhood of the Wolf.

[The Blu-Ray DVD Packaging in Canada shows that there are no Special Features, That is not true. The box is wrong. There are tons of Deleted Scenes and other features for you to enjoy]


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