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Go See Wolverine


This Friday, X-men Origins: Wolverine comes out in theaters. Although the movie was leaked on the internet a few weeks ago, I am urging everyone to go see it.

I have not seen the bootleg copy or have any clue if the movie is good or not. I DO KNOW that there are a few things that will disappoint me, such as what they did to Deadpool (you can read my Blog about it here). And this disappointment is what lead me to this tell you to go see it. confused?

Fox has said if Wolverine does well, they will make a Deadpool movie. Which would be awesome! They have also said that not only will they consider doing Deadpool, but a Gambit and Magneto film as well. So if there was anytime to go see a movie, This is it. Even if Wolverine isn’t everything we are hoping its going to be, there is a chance that they could do these other films justice.

Last weekend the Fatal Attraction rip off Obsessed starring Beyonce made almost 30 million at the box office. So if people are willing to sit through that crapfest, they must be willing to see Wolverine right?

Opening Weekend Box Office:
X-men – $54 Million
X2: X-men United – $85 Million
X-men: The Last Stand – $102 Million

You would think if this pattern continues Wolverine could make around $120 Million, right? Maybe not. With the leak who knows how many have people have seen it and would be willing to again.

If Wolverine can at least make $60-70 million opening weekend, i would say that would be a success. Any less and it might not be worth it for Fox to make more of these films. So this weekend, grab your friends and go see it, maybe if you have nothing up… go see it again, as Fox has also said that there will be alternate endings (obviously to help counteract the leak).

Plus with Star Trek coming out the weekend after… this might be the only weekend to show your support. So do me this favor. ok?

UPDATE: The Bad and Ugly has some news on the Alternate Endings. [Spoiler Warning]

There are 3 after credit endings… depending on what theater you see it at.
1. Wolverine in Japan (setting up for another wolverine movie maybe?)
2. Weapon XI lives (Deadpool is Alive! Booyeah!)
3. Striker’s s trance is interrupted (What the heck is this?)


Chuck vs. The Peacock


The Television show Chuck that stars Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski had its Season 2 Finale last night. Many parts of the this season’s ending felt like it was preparing for the end of this loved show. But with a sudden twist, Chuck finished with a jaw dropping new idea which would make season 3 very exciting. “to be continued…” appears on the screen leading us to believe there will be more, or will there?

NBC has not renewed this series, in fact its one of the shows that is on “the bubble”. Chuck which has had average ratings has not been the cash cow NBC was looking for. Which is too bad cause Chuck is one of the finest hours of tv out there. It has Comedy, Action, and Romance. Not to mention a geek factor where most episodes give a shout out to well liked TV shows and movies.

I could start going on a rant about how much i hate NBC. First canceling My Own Worst Enemy and now killing a new fav of mine; Kings. But going on and on about how horrible NBC is wont help anything. But the truth is, if they cancel Chuck. It gives me no reason to ever watch NBC ever again. ever. This will be a deal breaker for me.

So for the sake of NBC. Lets help SAVE CHUCK. show some support.

Sign the Petition

Email NBC and tell them.


Also a brilliant campaign is on to help save chuck by going to Subway.

buy a $5 footlong from Subway and drop a note in the comment box at the franchise letting them know you’re participating in the Footlong campaign to save NBC’s Chuck, of which Subway is a product placement sponsor.

or Save your footlong receipt and mail it to NBC saying that you bought a footlong to help save Chuck.

100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

Chuck Star Zachary Levi took over 600 people to subway to help the cause. Watch the video below:

UPDATE: NBC will announce on MONDAY if they plan on renewing chuck for another season.
spoke to Zachary Levi at the Star Trek premiere, “I think the chances are good that we’ll come back. But television is in a weird, fickle place right now, so you never know. We’re supposed to find out on Monday.”

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